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Eminent among those who presented papers were Mr. Yar Muhammad Badini, Editor-in-Chief, Balochistan Today, Dr. Muhammad Hamid, Executive Director, Zawiya Academy and Dr. Khurran Qadir, Director National Institute of Historical and Cultural Research, Quaid-e-Azam University. In his presentation on the occasion, Prof. Dr. Tahir Amin of the International Relations Department of Quaid-e-Azam University highlighted the significance of the topic “modern civilization,” and how to define civilization. blindsmagazine He maintained that Civilization is a broader, more global concept, so we should not only concentrate on cultural and religious civilizations, but also consider the concept of global or modern civilizations, he added. MUL was founded in 1986 by Shaykh-ul-Islam Prof. Dr M. Tahir-ul-Qadri, patron-in-chief of Minhaj ul Quran International.

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As managers of a business line, it will be foolhardy to ignore the small parts while trying to build the “big picture”. To be both, a small picture efficient manager and a big picture visionary, one has to be in full possession of sound knowledge of all the sections of the organisation. I have encountered CEO’s who possessed scant knowledge of finance or even basic operations, but it did not to the disadvantage of all, prevent them from meddling and dabbling in both areas, to the peril of the organisation. Depends on what thought is encouraged by the culture of the organisation.

Clinical and Counselling Psychology Review – CCPR Founded in 2017, the CCPR is a peer-reviewed forum devoted to research, assessment, and practice. CCPR is a bi-annual journal that includes original research articles, review articles, and single case studies. Islamic Banking and Finance Review is a double-blind peer-reviewed international research journal indexed with well-reputed international indexing agencies , and recognized by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan in Y-Category. The IBFR is an official publication of the Department of Banking and Finance, Dr Hasan Murad School of Management, the University of Management and Technology Lahore, Pakistan. guidepromotion The Management Sciences Department has a substantial size with almost 600 students, over 30 academics and one research cell, our School contributes not only highly skilled and knowledgeable graduates to the workforce, but engages in relevant, groundbreaking research that is changing and shaping the industry. Marketing Pharm Ltd. leadership turned to Pear Business to help ensure that the core elements of their supply chain w...Management of generation changes...

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Founded by the Carnegie Council, organisations are encouraged to hold programmes focusing on ethics, such as lectures, film screenings, debates, panel discussions, or activities to protect the environment. Society of Finance & Accounting Scholars is aimed to empower students to easily train, confidently initiate and steadily progress to reach their full potential in order to be successful both professionally and socially. SFAS is committed to providing exposure mirrorheart to the dynamic business environment and harnessing the industry-desired financial and accounting prowess, we aim to bridge the gap between education and practice, between thought and execution, between starting-up and success, and between studentship and professionalism. As you may all know, this endeavor for quality education first started with the establishment of Dow Medical College in 1945. Some six decades later, it transformed into a General University in 2004. A modern university cannot be considered complete without a business school functioning under its umbrella.

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The session was chaired by the Ambassador of the Islamic dailymagazineworld Republic of Iran, H.E. Mashallah Shakeri. We are proud to assert that our graduates are respectfully running their own business, serving in government and private organizations and many of them are giving their services in foreign countries. We urge you to visit our distinctive learning community in person to see what sets us apart. Ethics is a key enabler of business sustainability, economic growth, strong consensus... Research that contributes to the public administration theory, policy and practice. It widely covers the areas of public administration, public policies, service delivery, governance, thebridgedaily and management in public organizations.

In his keynote address on the occasion, as chief guest, Senator Akram Zaki congratulated the Society of Asian Civilizations, Preston University and NICS for organizing the international conference to commemorate the Decade of Civilization . He said the topic of the conference is of immense importance to the entire world as rapid changes were taking place on all fronts, and the West is making all out efforts to play a dominating role in every sphere. Incidentally, this institute has a unique location encircled by fountainheads of innovative ideas with high business potentials. It allows our students to not only nurture their business ideas while working with those enterprises that surround the IBHM.

Business organisations, where the ethos encourages its staff to have a wide view of the entity, invariably end up being more successful than those organisation which inhibit free flow of information and freedom of thought, between units. “It is not my division’s problem” is an attitude, which will take the entity only southwards. Perhaps, it could be a natural instinct for some to see nothing beyond the short, or sometimes, even the very short-term, whilst there are globaltechbrand some who always wish to foresee beyond the short and immediate term. However, it is also given that through reading extensively, anyone can develop, foresight that enables not only to see what’s on the anvil, but beyond too. Sohaib Mustafa is a communication and public relations strategist by profession and a proponent of the power of communication.